Monday, January 16, 2012

Jumpstart your Love!

It's been an incredibly long time since I last posted.  What does the time go?  It's been a busy time for me and although I wish I go back and post, post, post all the things I've been working on, I'm starting new. 

With that being said, time to jumpstart your love! I've been a busy little bee making all kinds of fun love projects.  Here's a few of the cards that I've come up with.  I decided I would get some very simple sets done, then spend some time working on the cards that take a little more time.

When I was making these, I was wishing I had very young children again so we could use these for their class valentines.
I also came up with this fun set of tags:

They are perfect for boys and girls, and really nothing needs to be added, except maybe "Be My Valentine" on the reverse side.

Then I have one more, than any little boy (or girl for that metter) would love to hand out--how bout a little robot love:
The joys of being a little kid and looking forward to handing out those valentines to all your friends!

Yep. Life's good!

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